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  • Spring Sports?  Protect Your Smile with a Mouthguard

    Spring sports are ramping up and children all around the country are gathering their equipment and uniforms.  Cleats, shin guards, and knee pads are in high demand this time of year and are designed to protect your kids from injuries.  But what about their mouth?  Sure, ball players may wear a [...]

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    February Celebration: A Tribute to Teeth, Chocolate, Snacks and More

    Our Laguna Hills dentist and staff love the month of February!  What other month can you celebrate National Children’s Dental Health and snack food at the same time?  Truth be told, February is full of fun celebrations.  We kick off the month with a Groundhog, throw in some love and chocolate [...]

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    A New Year and a New Smile

    As January comes to a close, take a moment to reflect.  Have you started on your New Year’s Resolutions?  Did you even make one this year?  Like many of us, did you start on your resolution, only to push it aside?  Laguna Hills dentist and staff have a resolution suggestion we hope you’ll [...]

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    Let Your Smile Shine without the Worry of Bad Breath

    A great smile is a wonderful asset to have.  Your smile lights up a room and offers a warm welcome to guests, friends, and coworkers.  Additionally, a smile can improve the confidence in yourself and improve how others receive you.  But, what happens when you have a fantastic smile but bad [...]

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    Which Thanksgiving Foods are Best for Good Oral Health?

    Thanksgiving first began as a celebration of a good harvest and way to thank friends and family for their love and support.  Giving thanks for a good year and spending time with loved ones is a continued tradition that we all enjoy.  So, what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?  Our Laguna Hills [...]

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