A New Year and a New Smile

As January comes to a close, take a moment to reflect.  Have you started on your New Year’s Resolutions?  Did you even make one this year?  Like many of us, did you start on your resolution, only to push it aside?  Laguna Hills dentist and staff have a resolution suggestion we hope you’ll like:  improve your oral hygiene routine.

The 30-Day Oral Health Challenge

Challenge yourself for the next 30 days to floss every day and brush twice each day.  Already doing that?  Great!  Need some help?  Read on.  The point of many 30 day challenges is to create a routine.  When you pick up a new habit, like a diet, or exercise routine, it is often hard to stick with it.  The reason?  It is not a normal task for us so it is easily forgotten.  When you consciously make an effort to add a new routine or task into your current routine, it is much more likely that you’ll keep it up when the 30 days are up.

Getting Started

Simple reminders are often all it takes to add in a new task.   Stick a Post-It Note on your mirror (not inside it) with a quick reminder.  When you see your goal in front of you each day, it is more difficult to ignore.  Set your phone to ping you twice a day.  Make it fun, you can text your spouse or child hilarious notes; “Free me!  I’m a piece of food stuck in your teeth!”  Do whatever it takes to make an effort to improve your oral hygiene for one month.  Invite all members of your family to participate so you can encourage each others efforts throughout the challenge.

After 30 Days

Once your 30 days are up, don’t stop!  The hope is that once you’ve passed the first 30 day hurdle, the new routine will be ingrained into your schedule.   In the meantime, pick up the phone or go online to schedule your regular Laguna Hills dentist appointments.  You won’t have to fear the ‘bleeding gums talk’ as your gums will be healthy from daily flossing and your teeth will be clean from a great established routine.

The Benefits

Regular brushing and flossing every day makes your mouth happy and healthy.  When your mouth is happy, you avoid gum disease, halitosis, eroding enamel, and cavity causing plaque.  Additionally, you can avoid more expensive dental treatments that result due to poor oral hygiene.  Finally, with great oral care, your body will be healthier.  All these benefits come from simply brushing and flossing and a couple trips to your Laguna Hills dentist office.

If you are ready to get started, give it a go!  Jot down a quick note and tape it up in your bathroom where you will be guaranteed to see it every day.  It will be one of the easiest New Year’s resolutions to keep and you’ll reap the life-long benefits of a healthy mouth.  For more ways to preserve your smile visit us on Facebook.  We look forward to seeing your healthy teeth and gums at your next appointment.