Dental Implant Awareness Month: Celebrate with a Smile

Dentists around the nation celebrate Dental Implant Awareness Month in September.  The purpose of recognizing dental implants is to help those who have received dental implants to celebrate their accomplishment and investment in restoring their smile and oral health.  The 2018 theme centers on living a life of smiles; and with good cause.  As our Laguna Hills dentist will tell you, implants most closely replace your natural teeth; letting you live life to its fullest with your great smile along for the ride.

Fitting and Functional

Dental implants are the closest replacement to your real teeth.  With restorative procedures like bridges or dentures, there is a chance the dental work will be more noticeable, though not by much.  Our advanced technology and extensive experience with dental implants means your implant will look and feel like your real tooth and function just as your regular tooth once did.   The implant feels natural and is cared for by a good routine of brushing and flossing at home, and regular dental exams.

Strong Bones

Dental implants stimulate the growth of bone, thus preventing bone loss.  Weakening bones are the side-effect of missing teeth, decay, or gum disease.  Yet, with a dental implant, the fixture, which is fused to the jaw bone, stimulates bone growth.  This strengthens the bone, thus protecting the structure of the face and jawline.  When a patient is missing a tooth the bone can weaken from the lack of support it is receiving from the tooth that was once in place.  This can lead to a whole host of additional dental problems.

Long Lasting

For a great smile, implants are the best choice.  There are many restorative dental procedures that will replace a missing tooth or teeth.  However, dental implants last the longest.  With proper care, implants are designed to last upwards to 30 years or longer.  Other procedures may only last up to 15 years, with some even less than that.  If you’re considering a dental implant from our Laguna Hills dentist, embrace this year’s theme and choose the procedure that will give you a ‘life full of smiles.’

Dental implants are a wonderful solution if you’ve let life pass you by because of your smile.  Talk with our caring Laguna Hills dentist and staff to see how we can help.  We love creating new smiles for our patients and transforming their lives for the better.  Celebrate Dental Implant Awareness Month with us and check out our Facebook page for more ways we continue to improve lives.  We can’t wait to see your new smile.