February Celebration: A Tribute to Teeth, Chocolate, Snacks and More

Our Laguna Hills dentist and staff love the month of February!  What other month can you celebrate National Children’s Dental Health and snack food at the same time?  Truth be told, February is full of fun celebrations.  We kick off the month with a Groundhog, throw in some love and chocolate on the 14th and round it off with a tribute to our forefathers.  In addition to these great holidays, we also celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History Month.  Even obscure awareness celebrations are fun in February.  So how do we tie it all together?

Healthy Snacks

National Snack Food month was derived by a marketing team wanting to improve snack sales during a low sales month.  However, snack food and junk food don’t have to be synonymous.  Look to fruits and vegetables, and foods low in sugar.  Stay away from cavity-causing foods that contain high amounts of sugar.  Young children love spending time in the kitchen, so you can work as a team to make a fruit salad or frozen yogurt treats.  Florida celebrates strawberries in February and National Grapefruit Month can also play a part in your snack routine.

Valentine’s Day

If there are leftover chocolates in your cupboards or candy hearts, we know it’s tough to resist indulging in these sweets.  Use moderation when tempting sweets try to take control.  It’s best to have sweets directly following a meal when your saliva glands are already working to wash away food from your teeth.  Just be sure to follow up your dessert by brushing your teeth.

Wooden Teeth

It is a childhood story many of us learned growing up; President Washington had wooden teeth.  Well, they weren’t made out of wood, but he did wear dentures.  Due to the lack of dental hygiene knowledge and possibly one too many walnuts, Washington experienced many dental problems.  Luckily today, our Laguna Hills dentist and many others understand the importance of oral hygiene.  We offer Children’s Dentistry services and exams to ensure young teeth are as healthy as possible.  One other fine tie-in to this month is National Cherry Month; a perfect tribute to the man who ‘could not tell a lie’ and a great idea for a healthy snack.

National Time Management Month

If you have children, you understand the frustration of getting your kids to sleep.  A nighttime routine can help ease the strain.  Begin with a book about brushing and flossing; did you know it’s also National Library Lovers Month?  Next, act out the book and let your child brush their teeth.  Follow up with your own exam to make sure they cleaned each tooth.  Floss, tuck them in, and sing a bedtime song.  An established routine will keep your child on schedule and reduce nighttime anxieties.

National Children’s Dental Health Month

If your child is due for their dental exam, this is a great month to visit.  Our Laguna Hills dentist is always happy to see young smiles.  We love teaching children about the importance of brushing and flossing so that they will grow up to appreciate their teeth.  Join us on Facebook for more dental topics and let us know how you celebrate the month of February.