Flu Season and Your Health

Flu season is in full swing and we still have two months or more to get through before being in the clear.  The truth is, the flu can hit at any time, but the colder months tend to see a rise in statistics.  As the dentist Laguna Hills residents see for their family dentistry and oral health needs, we want to protect you from the flu and other viruses the best we can.  A healthy mouth plays a vital role in your overall health, so let’s look at what steps you can take to protect your health and your smile.

Cleanliness at home

When germs are on a rampage, make sure to wipe down any surface you can as often as possible.  Pay attention to remote controls, door and faucet handles, cabinet doors, refrigerators, and even car doors.  Phone screens and push buttons are notorious for being missed as part of a cleaning routine, yet so many of your family members come into contact with these surfaces.  Disinfect countertops and all hard surfaces a couple times a week; more frequently when a family member is sick.  You’ll keep the rest of the family from getting sick.


While you may be great about your oral health needs with regular brushing and flossing, you also need to make sure your toothbrush is clean.  A toothbrush should be replaced after its owner has had a cold or the flu.  Our Laguna Hills dentist recommends replacing all toothbrushes 3 to 4 times every year.  This keeps the bristles in good working order and keeps germs from reinfecting their owners.  Water flossers and even mouthwash cups should be disinfected regularly as well.

Cleanliness outside of the home

We have less control over the germs we come into contact with in public, unfortunately.  However, if you wash your hands regularly with soap and water you can help keep germs to a minimum.  Our Laguna Hills dentist office practices OSHA standards for cleanliness and sanitizes every single instrument and surface after each patient.  Your well-being and oral health needs are our priorities; along with protecting your smile.  If you are sick the day of your dental exam, give us a call to discuss your options.  Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes; avoid chewing on pencils and pens (they’re bad for your teeth anyway), and take advantage of hand sanitizer when available.

As a Laguna Hills dentist focused on your oral health needs, we know you can’t avoid all germs.  However, with a little extra hand washing, a new toothbrush a few times a year, and a healthy diet rich in vitamins, you are taking the first steps in protecting your health.  More oral health tips are available on our Facebook page should you like to learn more about how we can work together to keep your smile and oral health in great shape all year long.