Oh My! Bridges and Crowns and Bonds

The Alicia Dental dentists are the ones to trust when restorative dentistry is needed.  But what is restorative dentistry?  Aside from regular dental exams and your daily oral health regimen, there may come a time when you need a tooth repaired to restore your smile.  Our Laguna Hills dentist understands that accidents happen or health issues arise impacting your oral health.  Our goal is to keep your smile looking great and to restore it back to the way it was.

Do I Need Restorative Dental Work?

Restorative dentistry covers a variety of procedures, all of which restore a tooth or teeth to their previous (or better) condition.  A Laguna Hills dentist has the skills and experience to ensure your oral issues are resolved.  Our team develops an oral treatment plan and discusses your options with you before beginning.  Armed with this knowledge, you can make a sound decision regarding what is best for you.  Our team will discuss bonds, bridges, and crowns, and a number of other options based on your situation.  So, what do these terms mean for you?


If you have a tiny gap between your teeth, a chipped tooth, or a tooth that is cracked, a dental bond is necessary.  A dental bond utilizes an enamel-matching resin to reduce the gap or repair a tooth.  This resin adheres to the tooth permanently.  The procedure is simple and quick and leaves you with a great smile.  Maintaining your new bond is easy; brush and floss as you would normally and keep your bi-yearly dental exams.


Restorative dentistry also involves bridgework.  This is needed when one of our Laguna Hills dentist patients are missing one or multiple teeth.  The bridge is essentially made up of the artificial tooth which will replace the missing tooth along with the prosthesis that attaches to the abutting teeth.  The benefits that result from bridgework are extensive.  A missing tooth or teeth create problems with your bite and temporomandibular joint.  Additional bone damage and gum issues also arise when a tooth is missing.  A bridge restores your teeth to their brilliance and eliminates these risks to your oral health.


In cases where a tooth is cracked rather than chipped, a crown is used to restore the problem.  Crowns are sometimes used with bridgework for placement or for a single dental implant.  A crown fits over the tooth and is designed to look like your real teeth.  Your Laguna Hills dentist will discuss the types of crowns available as well as proper maintenance.  In most cases, you’ll simply continue the oral hygiene regimen that you’ve practiced; brushing twice each day and daily flossing.

Our team loves helping patients get back their smile.  We approach each case as unique as you and dedicate ourselves to delivering an oral treatment plan in your best interest.  Talk with us about your concerns and questions, and together we can find a plan right for you.  Call our office today to schedule a consultation or view or Facebook page for the latest information on Restorative Dentistry.