Tips to Keep your Smile Healthy this Winter

Before you know it winter will officially be here.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some great ways to stay healthy this winter while protecting your smile.  The dentist Laguna Hills dental patients choose for their smiles welcomes all ages to our family dentistry practice and encourages you to keep up your great oral hygiene routine.  These tips below will keep you and your family in good health this winter and keep your smile looking amazing.


Drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated.  When you are hydrated your soft tissues are able to repair themselves so you can avoid gum disease and other oral infections.  While winter may seem like the wrong season to become dehydrated, it is actually a misconception.  The winter months tend to be overly dry as we up the temperature on the furnace.  Water keeps our tissues healthy and with that your smile.

Skip the sugar

Our Laguna Hills dentist knows that the holidays bring about a lot of extra sweets.  Keep your intake to a minimum and remember to brush and floss every evening.  It’s easy to forget our oral health care after long days filled with work, errands, cleaning, and holiday gatherings.  But don’t let your hygiene slide.  It takes less than five minutes to brush and floss; a good alternative to taking time out of your day to fill a cavity.

Brush and Floss

Did we mention brushing and flossing?  Our Laguna Hills dentist staff can’t stress enough the importance of caring for your teeth.  Our Family Dentistry services are here for you and your family, but proper care starts at home.  Brush twice every day for at least two minutes at a time.  Floss daily to remove food from hard to reach places and to promote gum health.

Visit our Laguna Hills dentist office

Finally, we encourage you to make an appointment to see us if you are ready for your six month checkup.  The holiday season is busy for our families and we’d rather help you address dental issues sooner than later.  This way, you won’t have to cut your celebrations short in order to receive emergency dental care for a tooth you knew hurt, but didn’t want to repair.  Consult with our team if you have concerns so we can work together to create a plan for you that will keep your smile healthy all winter long.

We know how special the winter season can be and want you to be able to share your smile with your friends and family.  Visit us on social media for ways to stay healthy all year long and to keep your smile in great shape.