Using your Dental Insurance in the New Year

From time to time we think about our dental insurance, but maybe not long enough to see the entire picture.  As the dentist Laguna Hills residents turn to for their restorative and cosmetic dentistry needs, we recommend using the New Year for a fresh start and a new smile.  Make a New Year’s resolution to improve your oral health and restore your smile.  Our Laguna Hills dentist offers a variety of services aimed at improving your smile and oral health.  With the New Year just hours away, set a goal for yourself as well as your smile.  Write it down, then give us a call.

Call our Laguna Hills dental office

Once you’ve thought about how you want your smile to look, give our Laguna Hills dentist office a call.  We will set up a convenient appointment for you for a consultation.  Use this time to talk with our dentist to figure out how we can help.   We will discuss your options with you so that you understand our procedures and their results.  Now that we have a plan, we can work with your dental insurance company.

Understanding dental benefits

Health benefits can be difficult to navigate sometimes and dental insurance can be tough, too.  Let our knowledgeable Laguna Hills dentist staff work with your insurance company to determine what coverage you have.  Basic dental coverage usually covers two dental examinations a year and a few preventative dentistry services.  However, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services may be covered; you just don’t know until you ask.

A successful savings plan

If you know what you want your smile to look like and understand what it will take to make it happen, you’ll have much greater success in saving for your end goal.  Utilize your health savings plan after you’ve called them to confirm what services are eligible for reimbursement.  Again, you’ll be surprised at what you learn once you ask.

The goal at our Laguna Hills dentist office is to keep your smile looking great.  We provide affordable, high-quality dentistry and look forward to helping you achieve your New Year’s resolution this year.  Follow our team on Facebook for more information, or stop by a visit with us.  We wish you all a very happy New Year.