What does your Smile Say?

Often, we have patients who express an interest in improving their smile.  It might be that they wish they had a whiter smile, or straighter teeth.  Some patients know they need a dental implant to correct an issue, while others are ready to be educated on oral health possibilities.  Unfortunately, for how many people keep their oral hygiene in great shape, just as many neglect their teeth, and thus their smile suffers.  A smile says a lot about us so our Laguna Hills cosmetic dentist is curious: what do you think your smile says?

Timid and Shy, or Bold and Friendly

Think about the last gathering you attended.  Whether it was for work or just a social outing, did people approach you?  Did you have trouble approaching others?  A compromised smile possibly made you seem shy as you likely didn’t talk much in order to hide your teeth.  Show your coworkers and friends that you are friendly and approachable with a warm, inviting smile.

A Bright Smile = Confidence

A great smile builds confidence.  No longer are you hiding in a back corner to avoid talking with people for fear they see your teeth.  When a smile is restored, the want to show it off is immediate.  Smile makeovers allow our Laguna Hills cosmetic dentist and you to work together to build you the smile of which you have always dreamed.  Restorative dentistry can correct a missing tooth, whiten teeth, realign your bite, and much, much more.   The advanced dental technology that continues to change and progress allows you a faster treatment plan.  In no time you’ll have a great smile and more self-confidence.

Write it Down

If you live in fear for what our Laguna Hills cosmetic dentist will say, you have nothing to worry about.  Often fear holds us back from getting what we want.  Our knowledgeable and understanding staff gets it; it’s hard to take that first step.  So, we suggest writing it down.  Write down what you don’t like about your smile.  Add a column for what you do like about it.  Have a section for questions, and finally write out your goal.  If your goal is to get a better smile, simply schedule a consultation with us and bring your notes.  You’ll find as we go over your needs, your answers will be answered, and your mind put at ease.  We love giving people back their smiles.

Until you have the facts, you’ll never be ready for the smile you want.  Our Laguna Hills cosmetic dentist is ready with answers and ideas to ensure your smile is the best it can be.  Check out our Facebook page for success stories and oral health tips, and visit us as soon as you are ready.  We look forward to hearing what your new smile has to say.