advantages of Invisalign

7 Advantages of Invisalign over Traditional Braces

People everywhere have tried to deal with crooked teeth since time immemorial. Modern dentistry resolved this problem with both braces and aligner products like Invisalign.

The value of braces and aligners are evident. They can lead to better oral hygiene. It can even improve your confidence as you can see cosmetic improvements.

Even then, we should ask: are the advantages of Invisalign better than braces? Our answer is yes.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the 7 advantages of Invisalign over your common braces. Does Invisalign work faster than braces? Is Invisalign better than braces?

Let’s see why these aligners are better.

1. Invisalign Works Faster Than Braces

When our dentists talk to us about Invisalign, the first question we ask is the duration. When it comes to Invisalign vs braces, which is faster? Why is this our concern in the first place?

Whether we admit it or not, orthodontics is cumbersome. They can change the way we interact for the duration of their use. We want to get over the correction period as soon as possible.

Braces have a duration of 18 months – up to 5 years before a complete, proper alignment. Invisalign, however, is much shorter.

The aligner orthodontic product has a duration of 12 months. This is due to Invisalign receiving adjustments every 2 weeks, compared to braces receiving adjustments every month. This means you get a more beautiful, healthier smile any season.

2. They Are Not Unattractive

Here’s a hard truth: braces are unattractive. Having some metal in your mouth with hooks and wires sound medieval. Orthodontics over the years took leaps in both safety and aesthetics, but it can still be awkward.

The sleek, clear design makes the aligner almost invisible.

3. You Can Remove Your Invisalign Aligners

When people go for aligners and braces, people always ask us if they should wear them all the time. The problem with braces is you can’t remove them at all. They are stuck on your mouth, which can be a problem when you are eating.

People who have braces will have noticeable changes in their diet. Some sticky, crunchy, and hard foods are a no-no because they can pull apart your wires and brackets. This will cost you some money and a visit to your dentist.

This is not a problem with Invisalign.

One of the advantages of Invisalign is you can remove them when you need to eat. For the best results, you need to wear your aligners for 20 – 22 hours a day. This means you can remove them during meals and when you’re brushing.

They’re less cumbersome and you don’t have to change your diet at all.

4. They’re More Comfortable

Having a sore or some pain in your gums is enough to put people in pain. Orthodontics that are uncomfortable to your mouth, lips, and cheeks are much worse.

So, is Invisalign better than braces when it comes to comfort? Yes, Invisalign aligners are much more comfortable than braces. This comes from the general structure of the device.

The main material of Invisalign is a thermoplastic called SmartTrack. This material gives more comfort. It prevents any parts of your mouth from catching onto crevices.

Invisalign has zero sharp edges as well, so there’s no chance that your aligner may injure the inside of your mouth.

When you have Invisalign, you might even forget you’re wearing them. If you don’t notice it, that means you get the best comfort out of your orthodontics.

5. You Can Clean Your Teeth Better

Being able to remove your Invisalign orthodontics means you clean your teeth better.

The problem with braces is the different small crevices that come from the general structure of the product. These create small pockets that not only prevent access from a toothbrush, they also make flossing difficult. This results in more food debris in between.

This can lead to periodontal disease, which is something you don’t want.

When you remove Invisalign to go with your normal cleaning routine, you get better oral health. This is because you’re able to have better coverage of your mouth. You get to clean more and all you need to do after is wear your aligners again.

6. Invisalign Is Safer

As we said before, one of the benefits of Invisalign is the structure of the product itself. Since it’s plastic, it’s much safer to use when you compare it with braces. When it comes to safety, Invisalign vs braces is a no-brainer.

One issue everyone knows about braces are the sharp edges. Some manufacturing issues with brackets may create a sharp point on the hooks. The wire may even act as another sharp point that can damage your gums and cheeks.

When you use Invisalign, these plastic aligners will have no wires, no hooks, and no brackets. It’s all plastic, so you get its alignment effects without having to suffer through it.

7. No Need To Visit Your Dentist Often

A good thing about Invisalign is that most of the work for your dental adjustment happens before you even get your aligners. Your teeth will get a 3D scan for custom aligners and you only need to change your retainers as needed. What does this mean for you?

You get to enjoy fewer visits and consultations with the dentist. While dental exams are important, you don’t have to go to the dental clinic to check on your progress too much with Invisalign.

Instead, your dentist can prepare them for you, which means more time doing the things you want instead of clinic time.

The Advantages of Invisalign Are Clear

Invisalign is better for your total oral and dental hygiene and they are a safer, better product. If you are looking for an orthodontic alignment with your dentist, the advantages of Invisalign make it the superior option.

If you are looking for a perfect smile, you need the right dentist to help give you the best options. You need experts who know what they’re doing and understands your need.

Let us help you. Talk to us at Alicia Dental and get the picture perfect smile that you deserve.